Caution: Water

AS Gile gasped for breath, he looked warily behind himself. He saw nothing but a few overgrown trees and a sparkling blue lake.

Suddenly something whizzed past him as fast as a bullet. It felt rubbery and was coloured red, but he managed to snatch it out of the air as it flew past. Gile lifted it up into the sunlight.

“A water-filled balloon…” He mused. CRUNCH, CRUNCH. Gile heard someone’s footsteps approaching him from his left.

“Well, well. Look who I found.” Gile made out a familiar voice, deep and stern. He risked a glance to his right. What he saw made him gasp once more with shock.

“Foxy! Ah…” He said, glancing nervously at him. “You scared me…ha-ha…” Foxy was his not-exactly nice cousin, but good enough.

Foxy aimed his water-filled balloon directly at Gile. He knew that if he didn’t move quickly enough, any second now Foxy would hurl his balloon at him. “YARGHH!” Foxy yelled, then charged Gile. He scrambled to one side as Foxy launched his missile, barely missing him. ‘Time for my shot,’ He thought. Gile sprinted towards Foxy until he was only to metres away from Foxy, and released his own missile. Foxy quickly dived to his right, dodging Gile’s water-filled balloon like a boss.

Gile decided right then to run, to run to the playground and away from everything else. He was at a loss for words. He felt almost scared, as if Foxy was pushing him harder than ever, whenever he was around. “Be a brave boy and grow up,” Foxy would always scold him. But other times, when he was in a better mood, Foxy would treat Gile a bit better, often playing “tag” with Gile or entertaining him with an ice-cream, if Gile had been extremely good and done all his homework, especially his “History Homework”SNAP! Gile had been out too long, but not long enough to realise that he was halfway across the lake, which stretched so wide…

But that didn’t matter, because right then Foxy threw his last water balloon blindly at Gile straight at one of his shoelaces, hoping to slow him down, but instead tripping him over causing him to slip and skid on a wet rock and skim down, down below into the murky lake…………

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