Why Friends Can be Very Annoying

How are friends annoying? Well,  the majority of people’s friends are kind and caring, joke around sometimes and generally laugh themselves. Although,  other times they are or start to either left out, lonely or sad ans start to do things that are heavily influenced by their feelings.

Sometimes they choose to do it and become a major pain in the back. Here are some interesting ways friends can be very annoying…

To begin with,  when somebody has been friends with somebody else for a long time, like 2 years, they might start thinking otherwise in a bad way.  They think that they torment their friends any way they would want because their confidence would be growing, as the friends would have been together for years at least by now. As a way of teasing and annoying their friend,  the sad or lonely person would start gently accusing their friends of the bad things happening around them and sometimes even rudely point and laugh if an embarrassing accident occurred. But, personally, people should not take what their friends said about them to heart, but avoid them.

Most importantly, they (the friends) embarrass everyone! Surely we have all had an experience when we have been purposely embarrassed by our irritated friends.  They do it in front of our teachers, classmates and perhaps some family members too. It is annoying and they make up unflattering, hilarious hidden jokes and leave most people looking stupid.

Finally, instead of being the good friend and warmly encouraging us to keep going and trying, they sometimes start proclaiming annoying and negative quotes to discourage others. All of it is extremely irritating and agitating, but it was never too far and friends can always apologise, as long as we except it.

In conclusion, that is how everybody’s friends can sometimes act up and start behaving in an arrogant manner, and tell others to ‘shush’ or even ‘shut up’. But our friends must be forgiven because many people do not like fighting and shamelessly arguing 24/7 about a mild tease. That is how a lot of times people’s friends can be extremely annoying.


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