Should Children be Paid for doing Chores?

Firstly, what is the ‘definition’ of chores? A ‘chore’ is a routine (or not) task, mainly household related ones. Chores are done for a person’s family’s own good, but parents can choose to or not to give their children money. I strongly suggest though, children should definitely be paid for doing chores as of all the suggested reasons below

To begin with, many children can learn a crucial lesson by being paid for doing their chores: they learn how to budget, an extremely important skill for their future; if children spend all their pocket money carelessly, they would have deliberately wasted their precious pocket money, and would have to o more exhausting chores to earn more money. This way, when the children develop into young adults, they will understand how to wisely spend their money forever.

Most importantly, when the frantic parents need to ‘borrow’ some money, they can receive it quickly and easily (with bribing or none). The other wonderful fact about children being paid for doing the chores is so the parents would also have a miniature bank in their own house; they (the parents) can also have access to the money effortlessly, as the parents would not have to go through the incredibly long and BORING process of typing in MasterCard passwords, clicking all the blinking and flashing multicoloured buttons and finally, having to wait for what seems like 5 minutes for the broken money chute to ease out you precious, hard-earned money.

In conclusion, children should DEFINITELY be paid for doing their chores, so parents can easily have access to money in case of emergencies, children can learn how to budget AND can learn their life lesson in spending their hard-earned money wisely.

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