Should Physical Education be Compulsory for Everyone?

Physical Education is an instruction in physical exercise, games and sports, especially in schools or stadiums where important basketball or football games are held and played.  I definitely agree that P.E is mandatory for all students, as there are so many reasons  ranging being fit to staying happy and healthy with friends and family!

To begin with, the simplest reason to participate in Physical Education is so we can stay healthy and strong-then everyone could be happy and enjoy themselves. Doing P.E is not just for the sake of staying in shape; what many people just don’t realise is that by doing P.E, they are also building their many important body cells, such as white blood cells; crucial to our immune and defence system; red blood cells; our blood, and other still very critical cells include skin cells and muscle cells, which can be guessed by its name, to power human body muscles and skin protection  and related.

Furthermore, do people even know what causes about one-fourth of our emotions and feelings? Well, scientific evidence and research did claim that by playing sports and regular exercising tends to boost many people’s feelings, making them enjoyable and happy. Physical Education is so important that it is not just for people’s bodies to be fit and to stay in shape, but in fact it plays an enormous role in keeping people’s emotions in order too!

Most importantly, if one lead person starts becoming more active and lively more relentlessly and playing lots of sports, they are bound to wake up all the others in the community if they (the lead person) informed everyone about it-in posters and letters, then the whole community would play sports and do P.E! Students, on the other hand, can be easily split into ability groups,  so they can catch up and learn more about P.E more cautiously and intently.

In conclusion, students and community should DEFINITELY get more active and participate in P.E at school, home and other whereabouts. Students should just keep in mind that their emotion and temper comes partly from exercise so if one day a child was spotted scowling and being generally in a bad mood, all everyone would think would be,” That child got to exercise more…” Of course, students should obviously have to participate in P.E, to STAY healthy and fit.

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