My First Swimming Lesson

I still remember clearly the first time I ever learnt to swim, back in 2014. It was quite fun and an interesting experience, as I had never learnt to swim before; my Mum was with me.

I nervously clung tightly to my swimming bag, and my feet were shaking. I followed my Mum back out to the swimming pool, where several other small children were waiting.

“It’s okay Sophie, just go in the pool and I’ll here waiting for you,” my Mum gently told me.

I nodded, determined, ans slowly sank into the children’s pool. After only about a minute, my swimming instructor appeared out of nowhere, quickly sliding into the pool.

“What’s up everyone, my name is David and I’ll be your instructor for this term,” he roared cheerfully.”Okay, now, are you here…Leo?” He asked, then pointed to a tanned little boy diagonal from me.

He kept calling out roll names, and after that he started explaining the correct way to kick our feet, and to do some doggy-paddling. I fanned my hands against the calm water, and kicked my feet continuously, and I started propelling myself forward.

“Great job, Sophie! And Yoyo! Keep going!”

After doggy-paddling David taught us how to Freestyle, taking a breath each time. He said to relax, build our leg muscles and straighten our arms to move forward.

“Your arms need to go round and round, just like a mill,” Explained David.

I tried to wave my arms around and around, but I suddenly sank downwards, rapidly, and I panicked. I desperately kicked in a final effort, and I burst to the surface-gasping for breath.

“Sophie, are you listening?” David asked sternly.” You can go first, if you want.”

My eyes widened, and I quickly shook my head. David looked amused and satisfied.

When it was time to go, I happily splashed out of the pool, hopping towards my Mum, and explained how I had learnt the basics for swimming, like keeping relaxed and kicking my legs straight. For an exercise, we learnt how to doggy-paddle and freestyle. I told my Mum I couldn’t wait to come again, and she laughed and said,” that’s good, because I paid money for this.”



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