The Pigeon’s Seek of Vengeance

My nightmarish day all started when disgusting, sluggish brown and white blobs started raining down from the sky like spitfire. “EEEK!!” I shrieked, ducking for cover underneath a large, circular shaped tree with big broad leaves.

“SQUAWK, SQUAWK!!” I suddenly heard the loud squeals of……pigeons?!

Then they came-enormous, feathered grey, white and brown beasts, all swarming in different directions, flapping down from the air. I couldn’t move, too shocked I suppose-petrified in my spot beneath the huge, overgrown tree.

There were at least millions from my perspective. Soon an enormous crowd of pigeons all came running towards me, beaks ready. I was sick and dizzy with fear. What now?! Was my life going to be over just like that?!

Sharp beaks began ruthlessly piercing into my skin-arms, legs, hands when suddenly an aching pain stabbed me on my face. Feathers flew into everything, everywhere, including my mouth. I abruptly lurched over onto my chest, and everything was engulfed in pitch-black darkness.

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