What Would Happen if all the Clocks stopped?

Adeline furrowed her brow as she checked her plastic wrist-watch, for the third time that afternoon. The time still showed two-twenty-nine, as it had previously one hour ago.

Out of curiosity, Adeline carefully stepped downstairs and into the kitchen. She immediately strode over to the clock hanging on the wall opposite the windows. The time on there showed two-thirty. “Al this time, has only one minute passed?” She muttered in disbelief as she checked her wristwatch again.

“This is becoming stupid,” decided Adeline.”I’d better call Sylvia and ask her what in the world is happening to the assortment of clocks.”

As she touched the telephone, an electric-tingling sensation entered her fingertips. She ignored the sensation and picked up the telephone handle. Dialing the numbers with trembling fingers, Adeline pressed the ‘call’ button firmly and waited with the receiver.  ‘Ring ring, ring ring…’ The telephone seemed to have been ringing for an hour before, finally, somebody picked up the call and answered,” Hello, this is Sylvia Montgomery you have called…?” There was an uncertainty in her voice. ” Hello, anyone? May I help you?”

Adeline did not reply immediately, as if she was stunned. It had been a long time since she last heard someone’s voice that afternoon, besides her own one, as her parents had gone out for some late Christmas shopping. “Sylvia, it’s me, Adeline!” She blurted suddenly into the telephone handle. ” I’m calling because…well, are your clocks working?” She added auspiciously.

“No,” replied Sylvia casually. ” They stopped working last week!” She exclaimed. The relief drained from Adeline’s face. “But…have you not tried to repair them?” Spluttered Adeline.

” There’s no need!” Giggled Sylvia mischievously ” Without a proper timetable, my parents have absolutely no clue what to do next…”

That day, the afternoon Sun set peacefully over the green-filled valley, bathing it in a scarlet, golden haze. Adeline, meanwhile, discovered that clocks didn’t interfere with orbit.

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