Think of a Common Phrase or Sentence which your Teacher used in Certain Situations

I beamed at my piano teacher, and began playing the first lines of ‘Canon in D Major’ by Johann Pachelbel, arranged by Fred Kern. My teacher’s foot repeatedly hit the ground, like a metronome. Shortly after she had explained how and when to play the notes, she asked,” So you understand it now?” I nodded quietly.

” Very good; now we shall look at the Menuett by Mozart.”

I shakily raised both my right and left hands and began playing the piece. But before I had reached the end of the first bar, she intervened politely and shook her head, ” No, you must make sure you handle the slurs beautifully and gracefully. Then my piano teacher carefully traced the slur lines in a bright fluorescent yellow pencil. ” So, you understand it now?” I nodded again. “Yes.”

” Very well.” She beamed at me through her wrinkled face, and continued, ” Great effort today, just make sure you connect the slurs gracefully, okay?  Today you can have two stickers.”

“Thank you!” I replied enthusiastically. ” Don’t forget the slurs, you understand it now?” She reminded me once again.

I nodded curtly and left to collect my stickers. While I was doing so, I realised her favourite sentence was to say, “So, you understand it now?”  I smiled to myself, collected my bag and left the house with my mother who was waiting for me outside with an umbrella, against the pouring rain.

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