Of all my Possessions, From which one would I least like to be parted?

My books, evidently, have meant a lot to me over the past years. Whenever I am particularly bored, I simply retrieve a book from the top of my bookshelf. It could be any book-science fiction to picture ones to chapter books.

I would be greatly agitated if my entire collection of books were to be donated, or taken away. I would least like to be parted from my beloved books, as all books are different in stories, text sizes and coloured illustrations (except for all the books that were printed as an exact replica of another book).

The range of books I have had since I was five include picture books, science fiction books, chapter books, real stories, normal fiction books, non-fiction books and even a “learning numbers and shapes” colouring book.

I have a lot of possessions, but being parted from my beloved books would be the word=st and most horrific. The television in my house is not actually even mine, so I would not even bother or care if it was given away or banned. My tablet and iPad can’t access a lot of things and are practically useless with the Internet and ‘Wi-Fi’.  My laptop…it needs to charge all day, every day, and also needs access to the internet and ‘Wi-Fi’, so I don’t worry too much. Most people can read books and all that online but, to me, all my knowledge, facts and entertainment are all there in my beautiful books.

That is exactly why I love and cherish my books so much and why I would never give them away or be parted from them.

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