Do you enjoy Athletic Sports Day?

THE smells, shouting, excitement and tension in the air on my schools’ “Athletic Sorts Day” is overwhelming; mostly to the students actually participating on the day. The clothes worn are usually green, yellow or purple shirts; the female students wear skorts; which are shorts mixed with skirts; and the male students wear regular T-shirts and shorts with sport shoes or running shoes.

Few decorative banners are hung up around the stairs and sports area; with my school’s symbolic colours: green and yellow(occasionally white). But when I join the participating event, I always regret that I went there in the first place, because it’s so scary and frightening watching one school competing against another.

I hate joining athletic-related activities; as I was born into the world as an artist, not a sports’ champion.  I rarely enjoy my schools’ athletic sports days, even if we win, because of all the sections of events I would have gone through, like running while carrying the baton to my team; or cheer so loudly and dance that I would be exhausted afterwards.

If my current principal had to announce the next activity, he would use a microphone to project his rather-already-loud voice.

The gear and equipment needed would most likely be three-fourths coming from the other participating school.

But what annoys and irritates me the most about my schools’ athletic sports day is the confusion, if the activity was announced clearly to everyone, except to me. Then, not understanding the activity and or directions correctly, I would be bewildered and panic at what I would do. And that is definitely why I just absolutely hate my school’s sports days; it has no delicious sausage sizzles either.

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