Watercolour Peafowl Painting

As the title mentions, this is a watercolour peafowl painting. I recently pinpointed a half-finished watercolour peafowl, so I decided to finally complete the job. One of my favourite watercolour paint brush brands is Royal & Langnickel, and that’s precisely what I used in this painting. I had a great deal of fun painting the background especially. I hope you relish it!

This is totally irrelevant, but it’s finally the school holidays! (After all those weeks of hardship at school) hooray me.

2 Replies to “Watercolour Peafowl Painting”

  1. Sophie, you’ve painted peacocks many times before, but this time the peacocks are very special, and your watercolors are used very well. The picture is brightly colored. I love it very much. I believe that after your continuous efforts, you will become a famous painter.

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