NGV Terracotta Warriors Exhibition Expedition

Today, my Mum and I traveled by car all the way to the city to visit the National Gallery Victoria (NGV), just to scrutinize the ancient atavistic Chinese Qin Dynasty Terracotta Warriors. It’s genuinely difficult to imagine all those compositions of clay and raw material were made more than 2,000 years ago and suddenly dug up in the 1900s.

On the walls, there were many paragraphs indicating and explaining what the ancient artefacts were and their uses.

There were many stone-made relics and gold-plated headstands. It was a fascinating yet bewildering sight.

But, perhaps the most impressive and astonishing relics were the porcelain gunpowder birds. There were literally 10,000 of them, all spread throughout the building. The funny thing was, as there were ten thousand birds, to buy one in the gift shop along with a book about them and Cai-Guo-Qiang’s artworks made by gunpowder.

The ten thousand porcelain gunpowder birds.

I had a great time! Naturally, my absolute favourite part of the visit was when we entered the gift shop; we bought a small $29.95 15 centimeter statue of a terracotta warrior archer kneeling. On the path outside we heard…a cello? A double bass? Playing rich music. It was a double bass; we donated fifty cents into the tips bucket. We didn’t bother to buy a $15 CD.

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  1. Hello, Sophie! After reading your English diary, I am very happy. Your English has improved too much! The article was well written. I was very satisfied after reading it. Now I am also learning English. Learn from you and try to write such good articles as you write.

  2. 笑笑:看了你写的文章,奶奶很高兴!你能把看到的情景与实物,描写的那么生动,具体,活灵活现。通过你的描述,我也好像身临其境。

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