Simile Poem

Her hair is as black as night

Eyes as soft as delicate down

She’s like a dove in a turquoise gown

With piercings of gold to be told

She watches raindrops smile and mould

A heart as pure as diamonds.

I devised this poem in Grade 4.

Wearisome Guilt

Bang! Crash! Boom! Splash! I had a great future ahead of myself, but if only I knew, what awaited me. It was 1849, and I was boarding a paradise from the looks of it. My few personal possessions sloshed around the unpromising looking ship. My name is Xiao, and here I tell you my story.

I examined my very simple, plain bed to-be. It was squished together with another dirty-looking bunk. Then my brother Ming came barging in. “Xiao! Quick, get you are bags, let us a go! The ship is a leave!”

And in doing so, my fog mask fell from my unzipped luggage full of going-off food and gold-digging tools. Not that I knew, that long ten years ago. I couldn’t even speak proper English.

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