The Lost Heir, Wings of Fire Book Review

Author: Tui. T Sutherland

The lost Heir is from Tsunami’s Point of View, a Sea Wing dragonet part of the Great Dragonet Prophecy.

She can’t believe it’s finally happening. Tsunami and her fellow dragonets of destiny are journeying under the water to the great SeaWing Kingdom. Stolen as an egg from the Royal Hatchery, Tsunami is eager to meet her future subjects and reunite with her mother, Queen Coral.

But Tsunami’s return to the home she never knew doesn’t go quite the way she has always imagined. Queen Coral welcomes her with open wings, but a mysterious assassin has been killing off the queen’s heirs for years, and Tsunami may be the next victim. The dragonets came to the sea Kingdom for protection, but this ocean hides secrets, treachery-and perhaps even death.

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